Toyota - Brand


For 10 straight years, Toyota has held the number-one spot in the Hispanic market, enjoying the highest ratings on practically every measurable brand attribute.

For Conill, the ongoing challenge is to maintain that level of leadership in a fiercely competitive industry. That means keeping a strong focus on the people who took our client to the top in the first place—Hispanic Toyota owners—by thanking them for their support and rewarding them for their loyalty.


Through wave after wave of tracking research, Conill has learned that Latinos simply love Toyota. They believe it’s the most reliable brand on the road, and many of them have purchased upwards of 10 models over the course of their lives—oftentimes for their children and other family members.

Conill has also observed that many Latinos enjoy customizing their cars. Whether that means tinkering on an engine over the weekend, revamping the sound system, or just redecorating with a few accessories, they clearly want to make these cars their own.

These factors illuminate our key insight: to the Hispanic audience, a Toyota is more than just a car. It’s a member of the family, a familiar friend. It deserves love, respect, care—and its own name.


With these insights in hand, Conill developed more than a campaign. We helped create a cultural movement to demonstrate how fun, engaging, and rewarding it is to be part of the Toyota family.

At the core of this movement is, an online hub where consumers can express their individuality and loyalty by creating custom name badges for one of their most trusted companions—their Toyota. Once visitors enter their information, high-quality badges are produced and mailed to them at no cost. The site also serves as a forum for people to share the stories and images that make their vehicles so special.

Conill promoted this effort through a variety of channels:


The campaign has already exceeded all expectations. Within two hours of launch, 500 badges were ordered. Within a month, we had over 25,000 requests, and within six weeks we had to reorder most of the letters.

After just one month, the social media components of the campaign generated 306,000 earned and 1.3 million paid impressions—and that’s just the beginning.