Toyota Corolla - Buttons, Windows


Toyota has always been known for producing reliable vehicles of outstanding value, with Corolla leading the way as one of the company’s best-selling vehicles ever. But for the upwardly mobile Latino audience, the Corolla was perhaps too successful: prospective buyers in this category perceived the vehicle as stuck between popular (good) and common (not so good).

To maintain its leadership position among Latinos, Toyota refocused its marketing of the Corolla with the goal of increasing ratings across two important attributes: (1.) “Would make me feel proud” and (2.) “Shows I’m moving ahead in life.” At the same time, the company wanted to maintain its high rating for one more key attribute: “It lasts a long time.”

With this in mind, Conill aimed to overcome the misperception that Corolla is a conservative car that fails to offer a distinctive design, innovative technology, and an overall sense of excitement.


Many bilingual and bicultural Latino consumers are on a quest to surpass their parents’ achievements. When these go-getters exceed their initial goals, they quickly see further opportunities for continued growth and success. They tend to seek classic brands that have passed the test of time. These Latinos may not feel the need to get the newest thing first, but they do aspire to keep up with the latest trends.

Here was Conill’s opportunity. Toyota continually introduces improvements to its technology over time, combining value and durability with a sense of innovation and excitement. How, then, could Conill keep these attributes top-of-mind?


The agency’s answer was to create a campaign targeted to upwardly mobile Latinos, emphasizing that Corolla will continue to amaze and surprise with innovative products and designs. The centerpiece for this campaign was a cutting-edge technology called Entune® with navigation, which encompasses the complete audio display stack of the Corolla—including Bluetooth, voice recognition, USB, aux port, and a display screen.

The campaign featured a look back at the Corolla of the 1960s, contrasted with today’s vehicle. Two television commercials, “Buttons” and “Windows,” demonstrated that the Corolla is a contemporary classic that is never out of vogue or out of touch. The spots evoke a sense of nostalgia, leveraging these key emotional insights:

The resulting tagline—“Surprisingly new since 1968”—strikes just the right balance between a tradition of excellence and a reputation for innovation.


The 2012 multi-faceted campaign, which went beyond Spanish-language media, improved the intended key brand attributes and deepened the emotional connection with Conill’s Hispanic target audience.

Corolla continued to be the top-selling Toyota vehicle in the Hispanic market, and year-over-year growth (2011-12) was 34 percent, compared to only 18 percent growth among non-Hispanics.