Toyota - Música y Destinos with Ximena Sariñana


As a brand, Toyota wants to convey a sense of excitement, inspiration, and innovation. That’s why the company launched a new initiative embodied by the tagline “Vayamos Juntos” (or “Let’s Go Places Together”).

Conill began looking for ideal channels to express this new message—and that’s where Outside Lands came in. Outside Lands is a three-night music and arts festival held every August in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, attracting more than 200,000 attendees annually.

Latinos love music festivals—their attendance over-indexes to an extreme degree—and passion for music is one of their defining traits. With this year’s Outside Lands music festival, Conill saw an excellent opportunity to reach a young, modern audience of Latinos with Toyota’s new brand message.

The challenge was to connect with young Latino adults in a way that would positively impact their perceptions of Toyota. To accomplish this, Conill chose to provide Latino-focused content in real time from the festival, in and around Toyota’s Hispanic social channels.


For many Latinos, attendance at a music festival can be a major life milestone. People in this demographic also tend to be hyper-connected and hyper-vocal in social media channels. Compared to non-Latinos, they are 25 percent more likely to follow a brand and 18 percent more likely to follow a celebrity. Furthermore, Latinos between 18 and 34 years old are significantly more likely than non-Latinos to check their favorite music brands three or more times a day.

Given the clear synergy between Outside Lands and social media for young Latinos, Conill recognized a fantastic opportunity to connect with a key demographic in the social space by associating Toyota with this major cultural event.


For Conill, the solution lay in finding a relevant influencer to help young Latinos take notice of Toyota’s sponsorship of Outside Lands. That’s why we selected Ximena Sariñana, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actress. She was a perfect fit for the program, as she bridges the gap between contemporary Latinos and their heritage, and is relevant and popular across the acculturation spectrum. She also boasts a remarkable presence on social media:

Capturing the spirit of journey and adventure behind the “Vayamos Juntos” campaign, Conill gave Ximena a Prius v and documented her road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in our social channels. Fans and followers contributed to the conversation by talking about traveling to the concert (even those who didn’t actually travel, but just wanted to).

Once at Outside Lands, Ximena reported the happenings of the festival in real time through her own and Toyota’s social channels. She connected with Latino musicians who were playing with some of the festival’s featured bands, communicating those interactions to capture even more fans’ attention.


The results of Toyota’s involvement in this event were an undisputed success. Some highlights: