Pampers - My Music, My Heritage


One in every four babies born in the United States is Latino. Pampers knew that in order to continue growing their overall North American business, connecting with contemporary Latina moms would be critical. Although a top mainstream player, Pampers is a challenger brand in the Hispanic market, trailing Huggies in market share and in more emotionally based brand equity measures.


During Conill’s Xploring (a proprietary research methodology), the agency discovered that Latina moms are often terrified of becoming irrelevant to their children. This concern motivates them to retro-acculturate, to go back to their cultural roots in order to reconnect with the defining elements of their heritage, with the ultimate intent of creating a lifelong bond.

Conill also learned that Latina moms’ desire to preserve their heritage goes well beyond their personal need for belonging. It becomes the link that binds them forever to their children, regardless of external or foreign influences. And while many cultural cues help Latinos connect with their roots, we discovered that none was bigger or more powerful than music.


What if Conill could create an intimate moment between mother and child with music—and what if Pampers could be part of that bond?

This is how “My Music, My Heritage” was born—the first-ever concert for babies still in the womb. Conill invited 1,500 expectant mothers to the New World Center in Miami Beach for this special event. We created specially designed “belly phones” that played orchestrated Latin music to the babies in the expectant mothers’ bellies. It was a truly special experience, with 52 musicians on stage playing 10 classic songs from celebrated Latin artists, all rearranged for babies. Internationally renowned Latin singer Thalía served as mistress of ceremonies for the event.

It was a beautiful sight, and the response was outstanding. Through the power of music, Pampers had delivered a real and intimate moment between mother and child. To extend the reach of the event, Conill made the concert available to every mother in the U.S. by inviting roughly 65,000 Facebook fans to see it live on the Pampers site.


The program garnered high interest and very favorable coverage by the news media. Thalía’s social currency provided Pampers access to over six million fans, generating more than 350 million impressions in a three-to four-month period. During this time, Pampers’ Latino Facebook page increased its fanbase by over 50 percent, catapulting the total number of fans from 35,000 to 100,000+.

After the concert, Conill invited moms to upload videos of their babies dancing. User participation exceeded P&G’s benchmark for video upload contests by six times. Most importantly, the success of My Music, My Heritage allowed Pampers to lower the emotional barrier by bonding with a multitude of moms.

After the program, Pampers delivered the highest equity among Latinos in the brand’s history (+12 points CBI; 108 IYA). This helped close the gap vs. Huggies by over 43 percent. Among new Latina moms, Pampers’ equity grew +38 points (203 CBI; 123 IYA), surpassing Huggies (184 CBI) for the first time and setting the stage for future growth.