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Thanks to breakthrough copy scores, increased sales performance, and improved brand equity scores, the “Mi Tide” campaign was awarded a Gold North American Effie in 2012. The bar was set extremely high, as well as the expectations for the follow-up waves of copy development.

Conill needed to continue evolving the campaign by showcasing the diversity of Latino consumers through Tide-relevant stories that they could identify with. At first, the assignment seemed to be a continuation of what had been done before; however, that would not be enough to keep breaking through and engaging consumers.

A target assessment revealed an opportunity to reach the elusive, yet highly influential, bicultural Latino—a consumer with the power to impact Latinos across the acculturation spectrum.

Conill’s previous bilingual campaign (“Vanguard Grandma”) featured a multigenerational household, demonstrating the clash between the acculturated millennial consumer and traditional Hispanic values. The success of this effort opened the door to the further evolution of the “Mi Tide” campaign.


The Conill team uncovered many stories that were authentic and unique to the bicultural consumer. These consumers are not “one size fits all,” but rather a combination of many realities, cultures, languages, and traditions that many Latinos encounter every day, including:

The common thread among these storylines was a profound pride in heritage, combined with a spirit of independence—hallmarks of today’s bicultural Latino. These consumers don’t want to be seen as part of a homogenous group, but rather as individuals with unique traits and values.

Their uniqueness makes a stronger statement with “Mi Tide,” a campaign that focuses on how there is “a Tide that fits you best as an individual.”


The creative team used these consumer stories to inspire their work. All project elements were insight-driven. Language, as well as accents (both in Spanish and in English), played a part in the execution.


The “Mi Tide” campaign collectively fared above the brand’s average for North America, with “Osito” delivering exceedingly high breakthrough scores in the Nielsen IAG Standard Ad Data report for all “Mi Tide” TV copy—even above the initial "Mi Tide" Effie-awarded copy.

The campaign delivered stellar results for Tide US Hispanic business. This included the highest equity scores across all laundry detergents, a 102 index in dollar share vs. one year ago, and 10 points above general market in household penetration.