Cilmara Santos
VP / Director of Client Services

A native of Brazil, Cilmara Santos has spent more than 20 years helping companies like Hyundai, Lexus, Wells Fargo, IKEA, and State Farm successfully navigate the complex U.S. Hispanic marketplace.

As head of client services at Conill, she focuses much of her energy on strengthening Conill’s relationship with an impressive roster of clients. She personally leads the Sports and Entertainment team, and she directly oversees Conill’s work with T-Mobile, Toyota, ampm and Nestlé.  

Under her guidance, Toyota has remained #1 in the U.S. Hispanic market for 11 consecutive years. She’s particularly proud of her work on Toyota’s "More than a Car" brand loyalty campaign, which garnered two Cannes Lions and three grand prizes at the Association of National Advertisers Multicultural Excellence Awards in 2015. 

Cilmara’s work outside the automotive space is equally impressive. She’s been the driving force behind much of Conill’s work in the wireless industry, spearheading the agency’s T-Mobile business during the brand’s entry into the U.S. Hispanic market. Since that time, the Hispanic segment has become a crucial source of growth for the carrier. 

Cilmara approaches each new engagement with enthusiasm, curiosity, and strategic insight—her perspective deeply informed by more than two decades of experience across multiple industries. Her track record speaks for itself: time after time, she and her team go beyond clients’ expectations to deliver outstanding results. 

In her precious little spare time, Cilmara enjoys practicing yoga, morning meditation and taking power-walks on the beach. She also relishes art shows, dancing and playing piano with her daughter.