Cait Drury
Executive Talent Director

When your primary product offering is the power of ideas, then people are all that matter. The agency business is all about talent. Finding it. Nurturing it. Guiding it. In this regard, Conill is fortunate to have a seasoned veteran in Cait as primary caretaker of its most important asset. 

Splitting time as Executive Talent Director of Conill and sibling agency, Team One, Cait brings a lifetime of strategic human resources experience to Conill. In addition to serving as a coach and mentor to all levels of the organization, Cait is senior strategist on all human resources matters, including talent acquisition, executive development, coaching, conflict resolution and policy development. 

Throughout her career, Cait has worked tirelessly to promote inclusiveness, trust and integrity throughout organizational culture. She has spearheaded or supported training programs resulting in the development of emerging leadership everywhere she has been. 

Prior to her roles with Conill and Team One, Cait held senior leadership positions in a number of organizations, including Saatchi & Saatchi, InterDent and Media One, among others. 

In addition to being an all-around awesome person, Cait has a passion for music and literature and sings Soprano in a wonderful choir.