Automotive brands are entering a period of dramatic, consumer-driven change. Our ongoing research is designed to shed light on these shifts in consumer behavior, and that’s why we’ve been recognized with Effies and Lions for our work in this category. Conill has accrued more than 30 years of experience in generating value, increasing potential, and optimizing products and services for automotive suppliers, high-tech companies, retailer and service station networks, and aftermarket specialists. Above all, we deliver results. Toyota has been the top-selling brand among Hispanics for 10 years running, and no other Toyota segment can claim results like that.

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Minority > Majority is a campaign dedicated to providing a stage for the subcultures and the unexpected within today’s young Hispanic community. To connect with an audience that continually breaks out of any box you put them in, we knew that we had to break out of a few of our own.

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For 10 straight years, Toyota has held the number-one spot in the Hispanic market, enjoying the highest ratings on practically every measurable brand attribute.

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As a brand, Toyota wants to convey a sense of excitement, inspiration, and innovation. That’s why the company launched a new initiative embodied by the tagline “Vayamos Juntos” (or “Let’s Go Places Together").

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Toyota has always been known for producing reliable vehicles of outstanding value, with Corolla leading the way as one of the company’s best-selling vehicles ever.

Jack Hollis, Group VP - Toyota Marketing

“There have been a LOT of successes working with Conill, but what stands out to me is the “Mas que un auto” campaign.  Part broadcast, part sponsorship, part activation, and part guest experience were all amazing.  The business success was authentic guest interaction.  Conill created the entire idea and then exceeded all expectations.”

Samantha Goot, National Manager – Toyota Dealer Association

What makes Conill unique among agencies we work with is “the collaboration.  With Conill it is truly a team effort.  The amount of collaboration with the client is refreshing.  They listen to our ideas offer genuine feedback….the results are in the end product!”

Steve Gallagher, Marketing Manager – Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

“Conill is a top tier agency that has consistently produced outstanding work for the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles brand. The creative they have developed over the years has and continues to resonate with the US Hispanic consumer. They understand our business and the entire team is top notch and great to work with. Conill is a true business partner.”