Technology and sustainability are impacting foodservice like never before. It's revolutionizing what we eat, where we eat, how we order, how we pay and more. All the while consumer preferences, expectations, and standards get higher -- especially among Millennials. Diners are increasingly choosing what and where to eat by concerns about diet, nutrition, allergies, sensitivities, and sourcing of ingredients. It is why we believe personalization and customization in delivering customer experiences is vital. Take your loyalty program for example. We believe the industry standard viewed as 'buy x, get y' is broken. Loyalty means more than rewarding top customers simply by giving them freebies and discounts. We leverage loyalty program data as a precision tool instead of a blunt instrument.  Our experience-driven mindset drives guest behavior, visit frequency, visit occasion and off-site incremental growth.

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Dennys had been ramping up for a major rebrand. They had overhauled the majority of their menu, sourced higher quality and ethically-sourced ingredients, renovated many of their stores, and revamped their employee training