T-Mobile - Premios Juventud Social Plays


For T-Mobile, it’s increasingly important to be perceived as an “Un-carrier” by young, tech-savvy Latinos. Many of these consumers want the latest, most high-tech devices available, but have little patience for traditional two-year contracts. JUMP! On Demand, a new program offered exclusively through T-Mobile, enables subscribers to switch to the latest phones with no waiting period or upgrade fees.

T-Mobile needed a way to push its JUMP! On Demand program to young Latinos, reaching them precisely when they felt the greatest need for the power and functionality of a brand-new device.


Latinos are, by and large, an always-connected, always-socializing audience. They’re 44 percent more likely to access social media via mobile devices than non-Latinos, frequently viewing themselves as outspoken trendsetters and cultural chameleons who easily dial up or dial down their identity to suit the occasion. Even so, they remain truly enthusiastic about being Latino, actively seeking out opportunities to express pride in their heritage while still celebrating their individuality. Conill just needed to find a platform where young Latinos could do precisely that.


Premios Juventud, Univision’s version of MTV’s Teen Choice awards, is the social media event of the year for young Latinos. Its social noise trumps that of the Oscars and the Grammys, demonstrating the magnitude of the Latino social voice in America.

Conill secured a large broadcast sponsorship with Univision that included many integrated elements, including the first ever DJ@PJ event sponsored by T-Mobile, branded interviews during the pre-show, and a custom DJ booth in-show. These elements formed a rich media platform that set the stage for Conill’s social engagement efforts.

Past experience with Premios Juventud taught Conill that the most exciting and talked-about moments happen during the pre-show and its summer-themed blue carpet (as opposed to the usual red carpet). This was the perfect time to leverage a key influencer, the award-winning singer-songwriter Jencarlos Canela.

When #MejorVestidoJencarlos (“Best-Dressed Jencarlos”) emerged from Canela’s fan channels as a trending topic on Twitter, Conill was able to push media dollars to that hashtag, boosting preplanned content to further engage users.


The result of this reactive content play and nimble media buy was @TMobileLatino’s most successful tweet to date.

The tweet was promoted in-feed around the influencer/event discussion, driving over 10K clicks to TMobile.com’s Spanish-language JUMP! On Demand page—an incredible number for a single social action with minimal media investment.