WHITE PAPER | COVID 19–A Hispanic Perspective

New report by Conill explores how Hispanics are coping with the coronavirus crisis.

This is an unprecedented time of uncertainty for people everywhere. While there are clear similarities in how people throughout the United States are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, there are distinctions in how Hispanics are coping. The nuances maybe subtle, but they are profound in terms of connecting with this audience authentically.

COVID-19 –Hispanic Perspective takes a deep look at how Hispanics are reacting to the evolving crisis. The work comprises information gathered through digital activity and social listening. It provides insights and identifies opportunities for brands to support and create culturally relevant connections.

Highlights include:

-Hispanic versus Total Market sentiment

-Work clouds visualizing consumer attributes, emotions and behaviors

-How Latin artists are inspiring through positivity and cheer

You can download a full version of the white paper HERE


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