Life's Grander

An endearing journey of family togetherness

An endearing journey of family togetherness

Embark on a heartwarming journey of family unity in Toyota’s"Life’s Grander" campaign, showcasing the all-new Grand Highlander. The core of narrative is an enchanting commercial titled "Labor," which demonstrates how life can be grander with a vehicle that elevates precious moments.

Directed by Sebastian Strasser, "Labor" conveys the exciting experience of welcoming a new family member. The entire family, including the baby's godmother and auntie, converge upon the hospital, made possible by the Grand Highlander’s spacious third row.

Two :15-second digital vignettes quickly capture the vehicles benefits in a genuine family context. "Abuela," is the charming scene of a grandma questioning her culinary adequacy for a family gathering, while clearly showing that the Grand Highlander has enough cargo space to fit all of grandma’s dishes and enough food for an army (aka la familia). In "Boyfriend," the Grand Highlander’s versatile third row proves indispensable when a vigilant dad intervenes to separate his daughter from her flirtatious boyfriend.



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