Projecting History

Budweiser­ Projecting History
As an official sponsor of the movie "Cesar Chavez," which honors the man who fought for Latino farm workers’ rights in the 60´s in the US, Budweiser, a long-time supporter of the Chavez Foundation and the United Farm Workers Union, provided a once in a lifetime experience for the farm-workers by hosting a special screening in the field where Cesar Chavez began his quest for social justice: The national historic landmark, "The Forty Acres”, in Delano California. This time the VIP guests were the real heroes of the story, 1,100 farm workers, some of whom fought alongside of Chavez and enjoyed the movie in their native language. The event received national and international earned media coverage, generating 12 million impressions in just one day. and most importantly, Budweiser raised awareness on the importance to fight for equal rights for immigrant farm workers in the US.