The Impossible Farmers Market

Starring the Powerful All-New 2022 Toyota Tundra

Starring the Powerful All-New 2022 Toyota Tundra

When the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra rolled into town for its Dallas debut, it brought along something completely unexpected – a giant 2,000-pound pumpkin that would leave even Charlie Brown in awe, and a trailer full of the biggest vegetables to go with it. The incredible payload was used to create an event unlike any ever seen. Welcome to The Impossible Farmers Market.

The Impossible Farmers Market featured some of the largest vegetables produced in the United States by growers and farmers throughout the country. Visitors got a first-hand look at the new truck and its co-stars – a 2,000-pound pumpkin from Ohio, nicknamed El Jefe (The Boss), along with several 1,000-pound pumpkins and an incredibly long 12’ gourd from Pennsylvania.

The towing capacity of the all-new Tundra (an available maximum towing capacity of 12,000 pounds) was on full display during the event, as it hauled items that no one would ever expect, demonstrating its ability to take on any challenge. Towing capacity is an important attribute guests carefully consider when purchasing a truck, and Toyota delivered with the all-new Tundra, making it the most powerful, most capable and most advanced body-on-frame truck ever. 

After its two days in the spotlight, The Impossible Farmers Market was dismantled, and all the vegetables were donated to local farmers as food for farm animals and composted into fertilizer for future crops.

Going the Extra Mile

To continue the Tundra’s big debut in Dallas, Toyota matched the impressive haul with a donation to a local West Dallas community as a part of its initiative to support communities, especially those in food desert areas. Toyota also partnered with the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNTD) to create a mobile farmers market to bring fresh produce into food deserts to improve access – because food deserts and transportation go hand in hand. 

In partnership with Harvest Project Food Rescue (HPFR) – which provides Wholesome Wholesale baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits – the UNTD Mobile Farmers Market, and Brother Bills’ Helping Hand, the all-new Tundra helped deliver close to 300 baskets to families in the predominantly Hispanic area of West Dallas.

Toyota’s purchase of the HPFR baskets provided support for many more families through Harvest Project’s efforts. All this underscored Toyota’s commitment to addressing food inequities and other societal issues affecting communities across the U.S.




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