The Search

Magic happens when we are together

Magic happens when we are together

During this busy holiday season, Toyota shares a heartwarming Christmas story of family connections that transcend generations. “The Search” is a beautiful story of a grandfather and granddaughter on a holiday road trip to find Santa’s house.

The young girl, Sophia, genuinely believes in the magic of a map she drew herself that will lead them to their destination. Traveling down a back-country road in the family Sequoia, she eagerly directs her willing grandfather where to go. While the mission proves daunting, the two share a special uplifting moment together on their adventure, bringing to life the message that magic exists when we are together, and Toyota is there to celebrate those moments. The spot was directed by award-winning director Peter Thwaites.

“The narrative demonstrates the unbreakable emotional bonds that bind Hispanic families, where the connection between different generations transcends language,” said Conill Chief Creative Officer Veronica Elizondo. “Sophia and her grandfather represent this natural relationship and sense of togetherness that brings joy, and keeps Hispanics moving forward.”


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