Tiene Un No Sé Qué

Its got that something

Its got that something

In Conill’s Hispanic creative campaign for the all-new 2025 Camry, the vehicle exudes a bold confidence that creates a vibe that can't quite be explained, only felt. Expressed through the tagline, “tiene un no sé qué” (loosely translated as “it’s got that something”), the work resonates with the self-assuredness inherent in Latinos.

To make a genuine cultural connection with a youthful Latino audience, Conill and Toyota took a wildly different approach to something quite common – the auto review. In a content creation twist, Conill commissioned an adaptation of an original song exclusively for Toyota, transforming a typical car review into a melodic masterpiece. The concept merges the allure of the Camry with a captivating rhythm, offering viewers a fresh and engaging way to experience the vehicle.

Rising Latino music artist Alejo performs the song, serenading audiences with his melodious review that highlights the performance and sporty design of the all-new Camry. Clips of the full video appear on Toyota Latino social channels.

In "Clouds," directed by Nicolás Méndez, viewers witness the fiery glow of the Camry piercing through the early morning fog. The blast of light transforms the landscape and stirs the city awake, culminating in the driver emerging confidently, ready to take on the day.

Two additional :15-second digital commercials round out the campaign, showcasing the Camry's racing-inspired features and new panoramic moonroof.


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