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A jolt of energy for hard working fans

A jolt of energy for hard working fans

With the “beautiful game” of soccer getting underway half way around the world, many matches will be broadcast early in the morning in the U.S.  But soccer fans are a very special breed. Many will wake up, put on their jerseys and prepare their game face to cheer on their team in real-time, regardless of the time of day. These die-hard fans deserve a strong cup of coffee to keep them going. That’s where Toyota Tundra Power comes to the rescue.

Toyota will reward these early rising, hard-working fans with an extra jolt of energy through a great cup of Joe. Toyota traveled to the region of Veracruz, Mexico with a top coffee producer to create a special beverage that embodies the spirit of Tundra.

World Foods & Flavor, U.S. importers and distributors of coffee have created a special formulation made with 100% Mexican coffee beans that fuse blends of Robusta and Arabica creating an intense roast inspired by Tundra’s relentless spirit.


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